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AMA RUT Expert

The world’s first Rapid Urease Test with Digital Reader

Sensitivity of the device is 98%, specificity – 100%. Such precision is achieved due to several factors:
– The result is read by digital optics, which is far more precise than a human eye
– The time of analyses is reduced thanks to kinetic evaluation of the test result: the device autostops and saves the result as soon as it becomes available
– The structure of AMA RUT Expert stripes allows to reliably determine even the minimum presence of urease in the biopsy sample

Easy to use:

– Automatic reading to save doctor’s time
– Convenient display
– Storage of results in device’s memory

Saves money and biological material:

– Multiple biopsy is supported to trace the urease from different parts of the stomach
– Same biopsy samples can be sent for further analyses
– Kits of 10 and 50 test are available

Easy to store and transport:

– Weighs only 40 g
– No special conditions needed for transportation
– Storage at +15 … +50°С


HELIC ABT Reader – is an innovative automatic testing device for non-invasive diagnostics of Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori) with high accuracy and without the involvement of laboratory.

HELIC Ammonia Breath Test (HELIC ABT) was designed to exclude pain and discomfort during the diagnostic procedure. HELIC ABT is applied by gastroenterologists, general practitioners, staff of primary health centers and allows to implement Near Patient Testings (NPT). No samples need to be sent to a central laboratory.


  • – Immediate result– the result is available after 15 minutes of the testing.   
  • – Safety – sensitive sorbent of the test allows to detect H. pylori infection without using radioactive isotope markers. It can be also recommended for pregnant women and children.   
  • – Painless – non-invasive procedure can be easily applied before and after the therapy course.   
  • – Accuracy approved – the test has proved to be highly sensitive (95%) and highly specific (92%).   
  • – CE marked – AMA meets the requirements of the In-vitro Diagnostics Directive 98/79/EC and HELIC ABT is CE marked.  
  • – Easy to store – shelf-life is 24 months, no special storage conditions are required.

Principle of Operation

During the patient examination two air samples are selected: before and after taking a portion of unlabelled urea 12C. If the patient is infected with Helicobacter pylori, after taking a portion of unlabelled urea 12C, the ammonia in the mouth cavity air will increase and the indicator composition in the tube will change its color from yellow to blue. The device reads and compares the color change and after that it gives the result.



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