Picture Archiving & Communication System

Picture Archiving & Communication System (PACS): Introducing iHealthCare-Picture Archiving & Communication System (iHC-PACS), a revolutionary solution that redefines the operations of radiology departments, delivering essential information swiftly and efficiently. iHC-PACS is a web-based software platform designed to archive, retrieve, distribute, and present imaging studies for advanced visualization and primary interpretation. Seamlessly integrated with iHC-HMS, iHC-PACS offers instant access to current and prior imaging studies and reports, optimizing departmental performance and reducing unnecessary delays.

Problem with Solution

Radiology Information System (RIS) integration with PACS is crucial, as PACS serves beyond radiology and is utilized by various clinicians. Digitizing patient imaging and radiology data eliminates the burden of managing physical records, reduces costs, and ensures data security and privacy.

  • Digitizing patient’s imaging and radiology data will improve healthcare
  • Piles of Radiology records. Old record has been piled up in huge quantities which wastes lot of office space and is difficult to handle
  • Loss of Images. Due to storage of digitized images, there is no way a study can be lost by patients’ negligence or other factorsp
  • Cost of printing. Radiology images are printed for viewing and reporting. This is a huge overhead on organization budget

Picture Archiving & Communication System


Central Radiological Reporting Unit brings a clean working environment for radiologists / consultants, where they can work more efficiently. It provides a central repository for central reporting and which everyone can access from his office based on his role. Medical studies become easily accessible. Security & privacy of information is now guaranteed with control on visibility of studies to concerned doctors / medical staff only.

  • Fast and Accurate Retrieval
  • Compression of large volumes of data
  • Security & privacy of data


  1. Integration with HL7 and DICOM standards for seamless modality connectivity.
  2. Web-based interface for easy access and search criteria customization.
  3. Structured DICOM study storage for simplified data retrieval.
  4. Efficient data management strategies, including partitioning and archiving.
  5. Data exchange capabilities with multiple enterprise systems.
  6. Comprehensive reports management and printing support.
  7. Business intelligence dashboard for insightful data analysis.


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20 Sec

To Register a new Patient

15 Sec

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25 Sec

To make a Discharge

10 Min

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Product Highlights


iHC-PACS support HL7 and DICOM standard Interfaces. This helps in integration with different modality. Unlimited Modality connectivity including for MRI, CT, PET, SPECT, NM, X Ray, US, Angiogram etc along with iHC-HMIS integration having interoperability.

Web Based

iHC-PACS is a web-based solution with simple web-based interface, Search criterion on various parameters like Patient ID, Name, Accession No, Study ID, Modality etc.

DICOM Study Storage

It has the ability to store DICOM studies in a structured way, making its retrieval easier. Information is stored keeping in view patient and doctor roles and rights.

Data Management

This function ensures that data is appropriately managed. Different strategies are involved in managing data growth e.g., partitioning, archiving etc.

Data Exchange

Enterprise can have multiple systems running together which will require info exchange with iHC-PACS system.

Reports Management

Ability to load different studies, side by side for comparison, Importing of any medical images from CD / DVD etc along with its iHC-HMS integration.

Printing Support

CD /DVD writing support with embedded DICOM viewer, Multiple patient printing (same film multiple modality images) on DICOM printer.

BI Dashboard

Active DICOM Modalities, available studies, daily study growth WRT no of studies and storage, available storage, modality wise storage consumption etc (department wise, Month wise) and many more.

Product Benefits

    • Seamless integration with modalities enhances operational efficiency.
    • Integrated patient scheduling streamlines business operations.
    • Stability and reliability ensured through robust development frameworks.
    • Scalability to accommodate increased user base or usage.
    • High availability feature ensures uninterrupted service.
    • Guaranteed performance with easy identification and resolution of bottlenecks.
    • Strong data management capabilities handle extensive data growth while ensuring integrity.

    Experience the transformative power of iHealthCare-Picture Archiving & Communication System (iHC-PACS) in revolutionizing radiology department operations and enhancing patient care outcomes.

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