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iHealthCare-Laboratory Information System (iHC-LIS) is specifically designed to streamline the receipt, organization, and response of laboratory investigation services in Lahore, Pakistan. Compliant with HL7, LOINC, CPT, and HIPAA standards, iHC-LIS seamlessly integrates with any analyzer.

When a lab investigation is ordered, iHC-LIS promptly alerts lab personnel through a visible on-screen flag, enabling them to view, acknowledge, and prioritize requests following billing/payment procedures. Upon completion and verification by the pathologist, iHC-LIS automatically generates and sends verified reports to patients via email and SMS.

Problem with Solution

Having a Laboratory Information System (LIS) is essential for any healthcare facility or standalone laboratory in Lahore, Pakistan. Without it, ensuring the smooth operation and functionality of the laboratory for optimal patient care becomes quite challenging. Laboratory information forms a crucial cornerstone of the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Clinicians heavily rely on laboratory test results and interpretations to make critical decisions governing patient diagnosis, treatment, and resource utilization.

In fact, laboratory services influence 60 to 70 percent of all critical clinical decisions, including those related to admission, discharge, and drug therapy. Therefore, investing in a robust Laboratory Management Information System in Lahore, Pakistan is not just beneficial but practically indispensable for delivering high-quality patient care and ensuring efficient healthcare operations.

iHC-LIS offers a scalable system based on n-tier architecture, allowing for seamless expansion as the facility grows. This ensures flexibility and adaptability to evolving needs. Moreover, iHC-LIS provides a robust operational environment that prioritizes the security and integrity of both the system and its data, safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.


The Laboratory Information System (LIS) stands as a mission-critical element within the broader corporate Information Systems (IS), directly impacting performance. At iHC-LIS, we advocate best practice guidelines for implementing the LIS to effectively tackle the key challenges encountered in laboratories. Through automation of workflows, seamless integration of instruments, and efficient management of samples and associated information, we streamline operations, saving valuable man-hours and significantly enhancing overall efficiency. This translates not only into increased business opportunities but also fosters an enriched research environment.


  1. Quick patient registration with detailed demographics.
  2. Efficient sample and test tracking using barcodes.
  3. Seamless machine integration, reducing manual errors.
  4. Verified workflow for pathologists ensures accuracy.
  5. Automatic highlighting of abnormal results and link to previous findings.
  6. Customizable print formats for reports.
  7. Report delivery via email and mobile app.
  8. Secure archival of test reports and medical records.
  9. Quality control and assurance measures implemented.
  10. Confidential, auditable information management system.
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To Book a Test

10 Sec

For Billing, Invoice and Payment Verification

10 Sec

For Sampling and Batching

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To Train a New User

Product Highlights

Booking / Order Management

It keeps the track of the lab investigation request when it was received, verification of payment, sample / test status, turnaround time, prioritize requests etc.

Sample Management

At phlebotomy, system supports barcode labeling. It prints and scan barcodes for sample ID and other information while utilizing the barcode for sample & batch handling. It includes scheduling, logging, container labeling, distributing to the designated analysts and storing.

Analysis Management

Laboratory analysis schedule used to support daily planning of analytical activities, once analyses have been scheduled, a status kept to allow users to query on any analysis status. The status could also be used for event triggering such as calibration notice, quality assurance and quality control.

Data Capturing, Result Entry & Verification Management

This function serves to receive, organize and enter the raw data from analyzers directly with 0% human error. Interfacing with lab analyzer is available as per HL7 protocol. For routine analyses, the system allows for validation process as per role configurable by authorized laboratory personnel. Result status used to trigger the comparison with corresponding ranges along with gender. The result marked as verified once passed through verification process.

Reports Management

This function serves the activities surrounding output and delivery of the verified Results. All reports are configurable and easy to use. Highly configurable LIS with the ability for the user to customize the workflow process, the configuration of the calculations, reports and forms. Accessible from tablets, smartphones through the mobile APP directly for patients to view the results, download the test reports and invoices, without the need for external portal.

Billing & Payment Receipt

The system has ability to generate the payment receipt of investigation request and define medical billing process as per organization policy and ability to bill the patient before / after rendering the services as per the define category of the patient for medical billing. System has the flexibility to configure.

Management Dashboard

Lab investigation services ordered, planned, booked, and performed from all departments, sub departments in any date range filter. It also provides reporting capability to track general performance of the lab. It is very easy to create the reports or pull this information from the solution as per the requirement.

Key Advantages of Laboratory Information System

  • Cognitive workflows for streamlined processes.
  • Efficient monitoring and control of laboratory workflow.
  • Drastically reduced turnaround time for faster results.
  • Comprehensive tracking of financials.
  • Work-lists for each step: phlebotomist, technologist, pathologist, administrator.
  • Ideal for organizations aiming to standardize LIS across all labs.
  • Increased productivity with reduced staff requirements.
  • Integration with Analyzers Automation System for seamless operations.
  • Enhanced patient safety and accuracy.
  • Fraud prevention through system integration.
  • Authorized access based on HIPAA standards for doctors and staff.
  • Efficient data storage and retrieval capabilities.
  • Auditors-friendly with comprehensive transaction logs.
  • Customizable normal ranges based on gender, age, analyzers, and specimens.
  • Error-free operation with zero human errors.
  • Statistical reporting for informed decision-making.
  • Flexible reporting templates tailored to user needs.
  • Support for multi-organizational setups.
  • iHealthCare Mobile App support for convenient patient test booking, home sampling, and fee payment online or at the lab with scheduled appointments.
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