Nurse call systems

NurseCare, our intelligent, interactive IP nurse call system, is based on advanced IP technology and represents the most innovative version of nurse call systems in the world.

NurseCare is the only nurse call system on the market that combines a nurse call system with healthcare management and nursing documentation in one device. Different system connection options allow for wide installation possibilities in existing or new buildings.

NurseCare meets the highest security requirements, including the requirements of the German standard DIN VDE 0834 Part 1 and 2.


Smart nursing management system

We developed a fully comprehensive solution for digital care management. The system is shifting the way we manage healthcare processes by enabling e-documentation of all services directly in the room.

Our digital care management platform is a complete software solution for a nursing home.

It manages:

  • application,
  • admission,
  • services,
  • individual plans for healthcare,
  • healthcare,
  • discharge,
  • billing,
  • general modules,
  • reports.

Our system for healthcare e-documentation and facility management seamlessly integrates with your hospital management software and can be installed in any existing or new building.

Telecare solutions for seniors and patients

SeniorCarePro, monitor the elderly living alone

SeniorCarePro is a 360° smart safecare system that monitors the vital signs of an elderly living alone and immediately sends emergency calls in the event of a fall or other incident, digitalizes medications with an automatic pill dispenser, and entertains seniors with cognitive games and internet browsing.


The future of home care is telecare

SeniorCarePro is not only an SOS button but an intelligent digital device enabling numerous possibilities for presenting and expanding telecare solutions. It is our in-house home care solution, therefore we are an extremely flexible partner able to adapt the system to your needs and provide tailor-made solutions.


Emergency call, pill dispenser and much more

In the future, clever digital technology will play a crucial role in offering the elderly and physically disabled the attention and confidence they need to stay independent and live in their own homes for as long as possible. Telecare minimizes the risk of hospitalization, saves healthcare expenses.


HomeTab, colourful advanced IP touchscreen part of our Telecare solution

The core of the system is a big, bright, and colourful touchscreen. SeniorCarePro device has a user interface specially designed for those with less technological skills. It comes with big bright touch buttons in different colours and is easy to understand and use.


DementiaCare Technological system to help those with Dementia

Our DementiaCare system are equipped with the latest technology to provide residents with more free space, improved quality of life, better atmosphere, and safety, while relieving the nursing staff.


Assistive technologies in our dementia monitoring system:

  • Positioning of the wristband wearer.
  • Dementia gateways to monitor exits, elevators etc.
  • Gateways can also be installed outwards.
  • More security and freedom for people with dementia.

DementiaCare’s innovative system offers more security and freedom for people with dementia.

Patient engagement

PatientCare is a modern patient entertainment system for hospitals and care homes. It is designed to unify systems, content, and services into one digital interactive platform.

Our digital patient engagement solution improves hospital experience by:
  • Entertaining, engaging, and empowering patients.
  • Enabling patients to control their environment.
  • Allowing vital information to be easily accessed by both staff and patients.
  • Allowing more opportunities for feedback to be heard and implemented.

It is well-known that if a patient is happier during their stay that recovery times will be shorter.




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