Pharmacy Information & Management System

iHealthCare-Pharmacy Information & Management System (iHC-PIS) a customize solution to fit the needs of any modern pharmacy. It is designed to handle the pharmacy operations of any healthcare provider pharmacy as well as retail chains and independent stores integrated with inventory and supply chain system. The software includes prescription processing workflows, which allow users to maintain all necessary prescription information, such as the respective doctor, drugs and quantities prescribed. It is also track changes in inventory and actively replenishes quantities to match prescription demand. iHC-PIS is an advanced Pharmacy Management Solution that significantly increases any hospital’s efficiency and service levels through automation and intelligent software by improving medication management across the whole hospital.

Problem with Solution

Healthcare facility pharmacies are a key part of medical care services. An organized, efficient, and well-managed pharmacy is crucial to the proper operation of a healthcare facility and to provide a quality experience to the patient. Focuses on the daily activities of pharmacists and nurses, which are in direct contact with the pharmacy and the medication cycle. iHC-PIS helps to provide the best care to patients by streamlining all the processes associated with healthcare facility medication workflow as well as independent pharmacy store.


Despite current initiatives and the implementation of software in certain healthcare facilities, the majority of the medication processes are still supported by traditional paper, while exchanges and official documents are maintained as hard copies. This introduces a lot of entropy in the process, increasing required effort and human error. iHC-PIS handle this in an efficient way to make the processes user friendly.


  1. Increases traceability and oversight of medication stocks across facility supply chain
  2. Automates medication distribution
  3. Reduce human dependency
  4. Transcribes all prescriptions into electronic copies
  5. Optimizes time consumed for every staff member
  6. With it being integrated with Barcode Scanner, it is able to record details easily and hence speeds up the sale, medicines dispensing procedure
  7. There are wide-ranging modules created keeping in mind all the requirements, with separate login for pharmacy administrator & employees
  8. Quite promptly & quickly the system provides the analysis and information about the business, which is helpful in better decision-making
  9. It is helpful in increasing productivity and resultantly profitability, customized as per the requirements
  10. It offers Centralized Data Storage facility as well as Easy & Interactive retrieval of data
  11. Facility to Integrate with medication dispensing machines
60 Sec

To Validate an e-Prescription

45 Sec

To Dispense Medicines

100 %

Real time Stock State Control

15 Min

To train a New User

Product Highlights

Input & Recall, Drug & Prescription Information of Patient

This system is quite user-friendly and is has the ability to keep a record of patient, drug & prescription information, which is certainly come useful for future refill or other purposes.

Clinical Integration

It works wonders when a pharmacy software is integrated with clinical tools that pharmacist can use all along the day. For instance, drug interaction details, dosing guide, and also lab data (whenever required).

Medicine Purchase Request & Order

It is to manage the purchase requests and order requests received for the medicines.

Automatic Reorder Level / Minimum Stock Setting

There is a system of minimum stock setting, so that can be activated by mentioning a minimum stock and automatic reorder level refers to the quantity threshold at which your software will automatically generate a new order for stock.

Physical Stock Verification & Adjustment

This is responsible to verify the physical stock and the decision, regarding adjustment (if required) can take place.

Supplier & Manufacturer Information

It is again vital as this keeps a record of the supplier/manufacturer information from whom you buy the medicines, who is responsible for the manufacturing of those medicines.

Accuracy & Safety

As it is the question of many lives, hence the system offers the fail-safe features for accuracy & safety, hence leaving no scope for errors.

Barcode Verification

Without any doubt, it is an important element of pharmacy management systems, as it offers help with several aspects throughout the system, such as retrieval of refill information, verification of dispensed product, which enhances efficiency and accuracy.

Support for Batching

It covers to maintain Inventory in batches. When an inventory is maintained in batches, there has to be a mechanism for dispensing too. It makes this selection based on the dispensing method setup for that particular item of Inventory. Dispensing can be done in one of the various ways- i.e. FIFO, LIFO, Expiry Date and Manufacture Date.

Billing & Payment Receipt

The system has ability to generate the payment receipt of available medicines, disposables and define payment types such as Cash, Cheque, Credit Card etc, and for home delivery even handling the Cash on Delivery (CoD). System has the flexibility to configure.

e-Prescription Management

As integrated with e-Prescription, the system offers to manage the e-prescription given by the doctors. It receives new & refill prescriptions directly into the pharmacy management systems from doctors for review, and this will be helpful in the faster completion of dispensing process. iHC-PIS also provides paper-free electronic prescriptions for OutPatients and InPatients, that includes;
  • Internationally recognized medication database categorized by Active Principles and Trade Names, Concentration, Unit, Form Types, Route Types, Package Presentation and Quantity etc.
  • Management of OutPatient’s prescriptions lifecycle, including creation, validation, preparation, labeling and dispensing, as well as recurrent prescriptions fulfillment
  • Management of InPatient’s prescriptions covering all types of medications and treatment plans

Advanced Reporting

iHC-PIS is a tailored solution providing readily available critically relevant information depending on each user. There are several reports available, such as:
  • Daily Dispensed Medication
  • Dispensed and Received Medication
  • Stock Movements History
  • Hospital Stock Flows
  • and much more…



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