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Discover iHealthCare-Patient Management System (iHC-PMS), an innovative solution tailored to optimize practice engagement. With iHC-PMS, practices can seamlessly manage appointments, facilitate payments, and offer telemedicine and online consultations. This comprehensive system maintains detailed practice records, including Electronic Medical Records (EMR), covering both clinical and administrative aspects. It also features multi-lingual e-prescriptions with International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes, along with Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan (SOAP) Notes and Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE). iHC-PMS offers a holistic solution, empowering practices to streamline workflows and enhance engagement with patients through cutting-edge mobile technology.

Problem with Solution

Traditional paper-based practice management systems often hinder efficiency and lead to information loss. iHC-PMS addresses these challenges by offering a comprehensive Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. This digital platform ensures accessible, reliable, and confidential practice data, enhancing patient care significantly. By digitizing practice records, iHC-PMS enables streamlined access to accurate information, leading to better decision-making and improved practice outcomes.

Practice management system


The prevalence of paper-based practice management systems leads to inefficiencies and information loss, placing a burden on staff to manage and maintain these files. iHC-PMS simplifies this process by providing healthcare practitioners with a convenient solution for preserving practice records.


  1. iHC-PMS improves practice management, EMR workflows, and traceability, reducing errors and saving time. It eliminates paperwork, streamlines administrative processes, and enables quick access to patient records. Barcoding ensures accuracy and accessibility, while a Clinical Decision Support System assists in decision-making. iHC-PMS ensures secure and auditable information for comprehensive practice management.
15 Sec

To make an Appointment

20 Sec

To generate an Electronic Prescription

10 Sec

To consult a Follow-up Patient

05 Min

To Train a New User

Product Highlights

Patient Management

It manages patient’s demographics data, making it fast and simple to register new patients having Unique Medical Record Number (UMRN) and maintaining the record of every visit up-to-date while actively preventing duplication of information in its EMR. Advance search of patients through a wide array of criteria.

Appointments & Queue Management

It takes care the patient appointments of doctor consultation or its clinic’s diagnostics / investigation services prior booking as per the define roster of doctor and clinical services to facilitate the patient. Where doctor and clinic can also configure, manage & reschedule appointments as per availability. Appointment’s history will be secure & available on iHealthCare System.

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

iHC-PMS is not only an electronic version of a patient’s traditional medical records, but it also gives you the ability to access all past visits from a patient and update clinical data with new information, giving you a more comprehensive view of your patient. Having key features like;

  • Electronic Prescription (eRX)
  • Lab Investigations, Diagnostics &Imaging
  • SOAP Notes
  • Treatment Plans
  • Procedures Plans
  • Clinical Notes
  • Diagnosis incorporated with ICD-10
  • Vital Signs including Patient Health Summary
  • Medical and Family History
  • iHC-PMS provides its users with CPOE which are fully integrated with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), Radiology Information Systems (RIS) and Pharmacy Information Systems (PIS), allowing the physician to conduct and order all types of investigations and medicines promptly. This allows the physician to immediately view the results of said investigations. Further streamlining physicians’ interaction with the system by creating the Patient and doctor portal to interact each other for better patient care.

Electronic Prescription (eRX)

The system helps the doctor to create the electronic prescription as per specialty based on SOAP notes, CPOE orders including ICD-10, CPT codes, patient history having multi linguistic e-Prescription incorporated with patient’s EMR. The concept of doctor customized Templates for consultation and favorite groups for Investigations, Diagnostics, are also available in the system.

Interactive Dashboard & Reports

iHC-PMS, all clinical data entered in the system, its outcome is available through an customize report, having customize and configurable dashboards, highlighting the most relevant KPIs to provide critical information for doctors.

Appointments & Queue Management:

Accessing clinical care and practice consultations is made easier with the iHealthCare Mobile App. Patients can conveniently access practice records and schedule appointments, improving accessibility to healthcare services.

Integrated with IoT-based vital capturing devices, the iHealthCare practice management system delivers real-time updates on crucial health metrics. This information is seamlessly recorded and stored in practice records, enabling practitioners to access and review vital data conveniently.

The primary goal of the practice management system is to enhance practice engagement and patient experiences through effective healthcare engagements. Utilizing technology as a streamlined communication platform facilitates seamless interactions, ultimately improving overall satisfaction levels.

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