Immunoassay Analyzers

Explore the AIA Family: Advanced Automated Immunoassay Systems Tailored to Your Needs

The AIA Family of Automated Immunoassay Analyzers (AIA) is designed to meet the evolving demands of modern laboratories. With their unparalleled flexibility, advanced sensitivity, and compatibility with open laboratory automation systems, these analyzers ensure optimal performance both now and in the future. At Tosoh, we prioritize accuracy and result integrity, setting the standard for excellence in clinical diagnostics.

With two distinct series of Immunoassay instruments – AIA and AIA-CL – Tosoh delivers cutting-edge solutions with dedicated assay reagents to meet diverse laboratory requirements.

Discover the AIA Series: Explore our range of AIA instruments, meticulously crafted to deliver precise and reliable results for your immunoassay needs.

Discover the AIA-CL Series: Uncover the capabilities of our AIA-CL instruments, equipped with advanced features to elevate your immunoassay capabilities.

Utilizing Fluorescence Kinetics: The AIA instruments utilize fluorescence kinetics as a response-detection method, ensuring robust and accurate performance. With the innovative ‘one cup one test’ principle, all necessary materials for the reaction are conveniently contained in a single cup, streamlining your laboratory workflow for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

AIA instruments use the Fluorescence kinetics as response-detection method. The core is the ‘one cup one test’ principle. All materials needed for the reaction are present in 1 cup.

AIA-CL instruments use Chemiluminescence as response-detection method. The principle is based on the ‘one cup one test’ principle. All materials needed for the reaction are present in 1 cup but are, contrary to the AIA, divided over 2 cells.




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